About the basil

There was a time when we ran out of basil.
Do you wanna know why?

We have an outdoor urban herb garden right next to our store.
And just like any urban garden, this one is exposed to outdoor pollution
and, of course, the weather.

Our country is very often visited by a storm.
So one day, it was raining so hard.
The metro was flooded and so we all had to stay home for a while.

We came back days after and, lo and behold,
our little herb garden was destroyed.
We didn't know back then that we have to repair it,
nor did we ever thought that we needed the herbs as supplies.

Not until the new orders came.
Now we have to run and look for the right basil 
that we need for our food orders.

I tell you, it didn't end well.

Always remember to check and restock your invetories! :)

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